The truth shall set you free, except when it doesn't.

Curtis's truth has kept him behind bars for over two decades, while the lives of those on the outside are unwittingly entrenched in deceit.

When our lives are defined by systems--family, church, communal, penal--and our systems fail us, we all do time. Some don't even feel the bars they live behind. Who gets exonerated? Whose appeal is heard? And who chooses solitary confinement?

Inspired by a true story, RETREAT examines the lies we tell ourselves and each other in order to survive under the systems we collectively create. And until Curtis is free, no one will be. #thewholetruthandnothingbutthetruthsohelpme #freedomandjusticeforall

NOVEMBER 19th-22nd, 2020      Get your tickets! HERE

STARRING (from top):  Jennifer Fouche, Russell G. Jones, Eric Lockley, Kevin R. Free, Art McFarland, Brittany Bellizeare, Patricia R. Floyd & special guest