2021 PARTICIPANT Lincoln Center Songbook.           2018 FINALIST Live & In Color's Bingham Theatre Retreat

It's a musical within a musical and it's 1981.  A frustrated black theatremaker receives the age old ultimatum from his pregnant wife to give up his dream and become a more stable provider for their growing family.  On a quest to prove he can do both, he happens upon a white career criminal trying to win back his black—even bigger criminal--love interest, which seems like a story worthy to change the landscape of American theatre.  Gnarly!  With the criminal muses opening doors the artist couldn't on his own, the unlikely trio lie, cheat and steal their way to living their most authentic lives—and to write a big ole Broadway musical called “Love Thief”.

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Catching Up

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Believe in My Black mix II REV.-mp3
00:00 / 03:31
Legacy of a Star mix II REV-mp3.mp3
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The One mix I REV -mp3.mp3
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Now What from TT

25 page excerpt

This Guy mix II REV-mp3.mp3
00:00 / 02:45