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2024 Professional Premiere this season at Mile Square Theatre, Hoboken, NJ

                            2018 PRINCESS GRACE AWARD FINALIST

This quickfire two act tragicomedy navigates the fracture points of a marriage and a friendship. The Faisons are the epitome of Black Love. Wilson idealizes his marriage to Ruby and his job as a police officer in the shadow of the BlackLivesMatter movement. He smiles through pain Ruby wishes he would share. When family friend, Claire, loses her husband to the quick trigger of a white cop, the Faisons are forced to examine their ideas of fatherhood versus manhood, being Black versus being "blue", mass shootings versus police brutality and what it means to live your truth in an America built on lies. 

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Redtwist Theatre, Chicago, Jan/Feb 2020


"Tracey Conyer Lee's tense funny...Rabbit Summer addresses complex subjects with a sure hand."  --Chicago Reader 

"Lee...shares an intimate and thought provoking play. ... Rabbit Summer is a fast-moving tragicomedy that is well-written."

"Rabbit Summer tackles this political topic in a character driven will likely take a shining to..."  --Picture This Post

Ally Theatre Company Developmental Workshop:  2018 Women's Voices Festival

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"Bold and thoughtful..."    --The Washington Post

"Playwright Lee interweaves the messages beautifully melding the hellish reflections of the physically enslaved while her characters long for 'emotional freedom' from their own modern day shackles."

"Playwright Tracey Conyer Lee showcases how the cycle of persecution can trigger the most unpredictable responses, outrageous behavior and reactions in the most average scenarios."

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Wiosn & Ruby are in love.jpg

         PERFORMER                                       DIRECTOR                                 PLAYWRIGHT  


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