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As the only child of the first Black family (replete with a facade of the Cosby Show and a reality more similar to Breaking Vegas meets Breaking Bad, but you know... Black) to move into our charming, colorless Delaware suburb, my fascination with human relationship dynamics and cultural identity developed early. It's the foundation upon which I write and seek to inform my acting work...exploring how people function and thrive despite the absence of a tied-in-a-neat-little-bow reality.

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'Sup right now!


This summer much of PrideNYC will be celebrated virtually. I play the overbearing mother of a bride in Carmen Lobue's fabulous interracial lesbian wedding romp, WILL YOU...HOLD MY HAIR BACK? Directed by Dominique Rider. Produced by Michael Urie.  


The work is back on for my musical in development with Nehemiah Luckett. Virtually (shocker), we will host a reading of our most recent iteration and share new songs. 


It's not what it sounds like...or maybe it's exactly what it sounds like. Every Friday night beginning Juneteenth, sponsored by Queerly / The Frigid Festival, 

will feature a special guest host every week. You don't want to miss no event you will have seen. Catch me hosting July 24th. For more 



In its 10th year, I will participate for the 2nd time in my favorite annual theatrical event. Putting down the acting hat this season and taking up the reigns as playwright for this festival of 10 minute plays written, rehearsed, then performed live all in 48 hours time. Announcements are not official...for info on past seasons, 


We're going audio, y'all! That's all I can say for now, but pandemic be damned, we'll be showcasing this script to the public by Fall in order to move it closer to full production. Still directed by Zhailon Levingston, with sound design by Twi McCallum and music design by Nehemiah Luckett, it's a whole new ballgame. To keep abreast of it all


We're building a whole new platform for this changing world. Click to check out the VIDEO I helped make before the shutdown to learn more about WHAT WE DO.