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As the only child of the first Black family (replete with a facade of the Cosby Show and a reality more similar to Breaking Vegas meets Breaking Bad, but you know... Black) to move into our charming, colorless Delaware suburb, my fascination with human relationship dynamics and cultural identity developed early. It's the foundation upon which I write and seek to inform my acting work...exploring how people function and thrive despite the absence of a tied-in-a-neat-little-bow reality.

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'Sup right now!


We're going audio, y'all! Pandemic be damned...our new voice cast is in place and we'll be showcasing Retreat to the public Nov 19th-22nd. Still directed by Zhailon Levingston, with sound design by Twi McCallum and music design by Nehemiah Luckett, engineered by Chai Sangco at Brickshop Audio it's a whole new ballgame. For tix & info


VIRTUOUS DECEPTION by Leiann B. Wrytes read by yours truly in August is going into the Recorded Books repertoire and I'm about to record the juicy mystery romance's sequel.


We're building a whole new platform for this changing world. Click to check out the VIDEO I helped make before the shutdown to learn more about WHAT WE DO. Join us in the Learning Lounge for affordable professional coaching.  See you there! #getOVATION

2020-2021 member of American Theatre Group's PlayLab writers group for BIPOC and LBTGQIA+ voices. 


The work is back on for my musical in development with Nehemiah Luckett. Virtually (shocker), we will host a reading of our most recent iteration and share new songs. 


This was the gift that kept on giving! Every Friday night beginning Juneteenth, sponsored byFrigid NYC, featured a special guest host. Did you miss my episode? To see all the shenanigans that ensued...

Conversations are happening for more content and many more shenanigans...Stay tuned. 

48 Hours In...Harlem 

My favorite annual theatre event. I participated  for the 2nd time for their 10th Anniversary season. Missed it? Catch the trailer...